Aesop's Fables

As part of my senior thesis I illustrated posters inspired by Aesop's fables with my own version of the morals as tag-lines. To accompany the posters, I made cardboard cutouts of the featured characters and an interactive photo-op experience inspired by The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 



The bear and the two travelers

A tale of two "friends" walking through the woods when a bear appears before them. Upon seeing the bear, one boy immediate abandons the other and flees; leaving to his friend to be mauled by the bear. The bear sees this and simply approaches the child with a simple piece of advice. "You should have better friends."

The fox and the Grapes

A classic story of cognitive dissonance. A fox repeatedly leaps to get grapes high on a vine; when he realizes it can not reach them he declares he never wanted them anyway. "They're probably not even ripe. I don't want any sour grapes." The reader is left thinking, "Why so bitter?"